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Fall 2020: Cuisine & Spirits

This Fall, taste the world ... from home.

WCE is fortunate enough to have access to amazing local chefs who specialize in teaching healthy, nutritious and easy-to-make exceptionally tasty meals. They are magicians in the kitchen. As we all know, the current climate will not allow us to meet in the traditional cooking class setting. We are happy to find three amazing cooks who will be holding these wonderful cooking experiences using the Zoom platform! Enjoy visiting their kitchens! 

Here is what you need to know prior to class. 

  • Maria Davis was a teacher for over 35 years. She loves teaching and she loves cooking the always popular comfort foods. Her classes are a flavorful combination of delicious ingredients and the aromas that stir nostalgia. Vistit Maria's website.
  • Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is a Brazilian-American award-winning cookbook author who studied culinary arts and journalism at the International Culinary Center. Leticia has appeared as a guest star on hundreds of national shows, including several times on the TODAY Show. She has taken her culinary expertise and combined it with her amazing presentation skills in order to bring people her passion for cooking virtually. Feel free to visit Leticia's website here in order to learn more about her.
  • Laura Torok-Lobelson holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Having been a teacher for many years, she has a passion for instruction. Her enthsiasm is infectious and her patience as an educator shines through. If you have a favorite dish but are concerned it might not be healthy for your diet, Laura can revise it to keep it delicious and keep you on track. Her goal: meals that are delicious, nutritious, and easily made from scratch.

For all culinary classes, you will be provided with a list of food items and equipment, in advance, so you may purchase these ahead of time. Additionally, there may be some pre-prep. There is also an option to grab your favorite beverage, sit back and watch how the dish/dessert is prepared and presented.

Peace on Earth Through Tiramisu New!
  • Monday: 5 – 6:30 pm
  • 12/21
  • Sessions: 1
  • Register
  • CS10
  • Location: ZOOM
  • Instructor: Schwartz
  • Fees: $25

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